My Experience: Family Dollar Fabulous 2015 #FDFabulous

Hey Beauties & Beaus,

Last week October 6th & 7th I spent two of the most fabulous days in Atlanta GA ever! I mean, I've had some great days/nights in Atlanta, but they were never as fabulous as last week. I felt like a princess who received the royal treatment from the best of the best. From great energy, great conversations, great FOOD, and great products...did I mention great food?! Yeah, I'm a foodie at heart, giggles. I had the best time and I vlogged the two days of the event. I will insert this side note, I didn't get much footage the second day due to a small car accident I was involved in on the way there...but I'm good, no one was hurt, and my car is well...still operational. Despite the hiccup, I had such an awesome time and I want to continuously extend my gratitude to Family Dollar for such an AMAZING FABULOUS two days I', still in awe. Take me back PLEASE! Check it out Below!