Four Tips help Avoid a Bad Hair Cut

Tip #1 Ask around

Conduct a serious investigation before coming to a salon – check their website, read feedback of clients, take a look at photos. Choose a professional stylist who will help you to create a flawless haircut considering the shape of your face and texture.

Tip #2 Emotions aside

Hasty decisions aren’t good idea in general and especially when it comes to your hair. Anger and disappointment might lead you to an experience you’ll later regret about.

Tip #3 Show a photo

In order for a stylist to know exactly how you want your hair to look like, bring a photo of a desired haircut. Stylists are visual people and it’ll make their life easier.

Tip #4 Speak up

Don’t be afraid to be honest when sitting in the chair and watching in the mirror – ask questions, disagree with length, make suggestions because this is your hair!

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Victoria Howell, Guest Blogger