[SPONSORED]: Sparkle, Shimmer, and Shine with my new Milgrain Diamond Eternity Band

Beauties and Beaus,

Summer has finally arrived and, even though it's hot outside and the grills have already fired up, wedding season is upon us. Love is in the air and many of our friends and family members have gotten engaged or they have a wedding date set. As always, I have great news for you! Just think of me as your beauty best friend and your beauty godmother. My new friends at


reached out to me and sent me the most gorgeous ring ever! I was completely blown away at the beautiful ring that arrived at my place a week ago. I was sent the Milgrain Diamond Eternity Band. I have worn it and I absolutely love it. While wearing the band, I received tons of compliments and people loved it so much, they demanded the name of the company. Sharing is caring, so I gave up the deets without any hesitation. 

I had the opportunity to browse through the Anjolee website and I must say that their jewelry selection pieces are simply amazing. There's  so much to choose from to meet your jewelry needs. If you are in need of a promise ring, engagement ring, wedding ring, anniversary gift, or a brand new pair of

diamond stud

earrings? Anjolee has exactly what you need and more. I've done some engagement ring browsing/shopping in the past, and what I love the most about their beautiful jewelry, it's priced to fit any budget and is completely customizable to suit your needs. 

 I have even more great news, you can take Anjolee with you wherever you go and access  their jewelry pieces whenever you choose. They have a free app available for download. Simply access it through your app store. 

I absolutely love my diamond eternity band, and even though I'm still single, happy, and waiting it adds a certain sparkle and shine to my petite fingers, I just seriously doubt I can stop wearing it. 

Check out Anjolee right now! I promise you will love every piece! Happy Shopping!