[NOW AVAILABLE]: Blushed Digital Magazine

Free Copy of Blushed Digital Magazine

EEEK!! I'm so thrilled to announce that the first issue of Blushed Digital Magazine is now available for download! I'm sure you're probably wondering? Huh? What is Blushed? What is the magazine about?

Blushed Digital magazine is a Beauty By Kelly Nicole Exclusive which will be the beginning of something great! There is so much more on the agenda for Beauty By Kelly Nicole as a brand I'm too excited to really contain myself. Completeing this task has been a challenging one and I am amazed at myself that I was able to take on the task and complete it with grace. There were moments that I felt completely in over my head and I wanted to stop and cry. Just forget! It's too much and I'm crazy to think this is even worth it. I continued to keep going and I am very pleased with the end result!

This magazine is the beginning of my bridal makeup series for my YouTube Channel (soon to come). What was originally supposed to become a beauty manual (maybe 20-30 pages) became a 80+ page spread of all sorts of cute interesting things. This is the first issue of a quarterly series, discussing various topics pertaining to beauty and fashion. Moving forward, my goal is to be able to continue to reach and inspire people to take life by the horns and don't let go! I've always wanted to write for a magazine (beauty or fashion), I guess the overwhelming feeling to do so has catapulted me into my very own adventure. I'm happy that you're going to take this journey with me, hopefully I can include you in some of the pages!

If you want your a free copy of the first issue of Blushed Digital Magazine simply click the picture to retrieve your copy. I hope you enjoy it!

Special Thanks to Designer

Schaumin Chanel

for her awesome eye and beautiful talent. She did her thing with the cover for the first issue.Check out some of these cool links below to see the cover in process!

Design in Session 

Cover Art in Progress

Peace and Blessings