Kim Kimble (plus) Kelly Rowland (equals) MAJOR SLAY


Kim Kimble does it again! She styled Kelly Rowland's hair for Mane Addicts

'Mane Muse'

photo shoot. Kelly Rowland, a timeless beauty, knows how to work a camera. I fell in love with her photo where she channeled

Donna Summers

, and I must say...if and when there is ever a movie about Donna Summers, Kelly would certainly be the person to do it. Kim Kimble has ALWAYS been an inspiration for me. I am sitting on pins and needles WAITING for this seasons LA Hair to air. Kim was inspired by the hair styles  from various icons such as Dianna Ross, Sade, Bianca Jagger (1970s Icon and Social Activist), and Farida Khelfa Goude (French Style Icon) to style Kelly's hair.Major Slay Main Addicts and the entire glam squad! I'm definitely Inspired!! Check out the pics! What do you Beauties/Beaus think? Do you have anyone who has inspired you in your hair journey? 


Peace and Blessings,