Divatress.com Isis Brown Sugar Lace Lace Front Wig BS205 Color ST4/27

The wig I wearing is a wig that sent to me from Divatress.com.  I loved this freaking wig. It made me feel completely divalicious! Check out the deets below and make sure you purchase yours today at


Deets about the wig

The lace is made with the  Brown Sugar lace which provides a natural texture and offers no irritation. The Brown Sugar lace is the Swiss lace front compared to the typical lace front wigs. The hair is single knotted and hand tied unlike most lace front wigs. The wig h

as three wig combs: 2 in front, 1 in back. This help to keep the wig secure on my head without using glue and the lace front tape. The wig also comes with

adjustable Straps to adjust the wig to fit your head. The parting in the lace front is a 

curved parting about 2 inches back into the hair line. The actual lace front (not the part) is about 1 inch in width. This particular wig o

nly offers a side part option, and not a middle part option.

This wig does come with wig tape to secure the lace front down across the front hair line. If you would like to wear your hair in a ponytail, the wig also comes with nape hair.

Benefits Offered

The wig offers the following benefits:

  • Flexibility
  • Soft&Skin Friendly Lace
  • Maximum Comfortablility
  • No Irritation or odors
  • Breathable Fabric
  • Single knotted  (as mentioned before)
  • Undetectable, Easy to Cut Hair line.

Deets about the Hair

  • The hair is 100% Human Hair Mix; i.e. Synthetic
  • It feels super soft to the touch
  • It does tangle
  • Only a little bit of shedding (from combing/brushing only)
  • Detangles with ease if it's a little damp from a water based product
  • The curls do snap back into place after being dampened with water or after shampooing and conditioning.

My thoughts on the wig

I love that it’s easy to keep the wig into place with the clips. There was no sliding or moving behind the hairline. I didn't realize the wig came with wig tape until after I washed the hair. If you do decide against glue or tape, the wig will stay in place if you properly secure it with wig clips. I absolutely loved 

the touch and feel of the hair. It actually felt like real virgin human hair to the touch. 


 because the hair is not real human hair and it is synthetic.

The hair did tangle and bunch up (to be expected) I 


 care for that too much. It was manageable. I made sure to keep a paddle brush and wide tooth comb with me to refresh the hair while on the go. I love that the lace front actually was long enough for my head. I always run into it not being long enough. It fell below the temples and I loved it. The lace front did irritate me a bit, but it wasn't that unbearable. Overall, I loved this wig unit and I will look to purchase this one again in the black blue color. 

I've received nothing but compliments about this wig. I felt so fly because it was so bomb!

Thanks for reading! Check out Divatress.com to purchase this wig! It's currently on sale. Peace and Blessings!