HOW TO: Maintain Your Wand Curls with Satin Rollers

 Remember back in the day when your mom used to roll your hair on that ugly pink roller with the roller paper?? I do, and I hated the way my curls would come out. They'd be all tight to my head and would never relax itself to my liking. I used to hate using sponge rollers for that reason alone, which is why I would always just use my curlers. I have been using my Remington curling wand for sometime now and I love the results. I know how damaging it can be to keep wand curling my hair during the week, so I purchased some

satin covered rollers

from my local drug store and found a way to keep my wand curls for the remainder of the week. It's simple, just roll your hair around the roller in the same direction you would on your wand curl. GOODBYE Grandma curls (I love my grandma to the moon and back, but I don't want to have my hair tight to my head)

Check out the video below and stay posted for a wand curl tutorial coming soon!