Makeup Wednesday: Battle of the BB Cream

Battle of the BB Creams

Hello Blog Lovers!! Happy Hump Day! Today I wanted to share my personal review and thoughts on two BB Creams that recently purchased and have been using for while now. The great thing about these BB Creams is that they are affordable and can be picked up at local retailers such as drug stores, Wal-mart, or Target. When I first heard the word BB Cream the first though that came to mind was "Oh Lord, Here we go another face product, what's the hype all about"? I immediately had to Google what it was because it was a new term and product that was new to me.  As you may or may not already know BB Cream stands for Beauty Balm Cream, Blemish Balm Cream, or Blemish Base Cream (whatever floats your boat) that originated in Korea. The original purpose of the BB Cream was to help treat blemishes, but today they are used to help rejuvenate the face


.  After hearing the buzz circulating via Youtube and of course commercials, I purchased two different products to test them out. 

The first BB Cream that I purchased was the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream. This BB Cream promises to do 8 things for your face under your makeup or when worn alone.  This BB Cream is likened to a tinted moisturizer because it offers light coverage. This BB cream offers the following: Blurs  Imperfections, Brightens, Evens Skin Tone, Smooths, Hydrates, Enhances, Protects with SPF 30, and contains 0% oils and heavy ingredients.  This particular BB cream can be purchased in five shades ranging from different variations of light to dark. 

The second BB Cream that I purchased was the L'Orel Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream. This BB Cream promises to perform most of the same things that the Maybelline BB Cream promises to accomplish. This BB Cream offers the following: hydrate  Corrects, evens, and perfects. The other benefit offered with this BB cream is that it works great as a primer. It doesn't offer the same coverage as the Maybelline BB Cream, but it does go on white and changes to blend in with your natural skin complexion. It contains micro beads that open when rubbed into the skin to assist with perfect matching to your skin tone. This BB cream can be purchased in four shades ranging from fair to deep. 

As I mentioned above the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream can be likened to a tinted moisturizer. However, I like to wear it under my foundation. I tried to wear this alone and apply powder on top, but I didn't care for the outcome. Although deep is their darkest shade, it's not completely in sync with my skin complexion. I can see a difference in my skin once applying the BB Cream opposed to when I don't apply the BB cream. It does offer a smoother finish to my foundation. It's not a primer, and if you have combination skin like myself, you will need to apply a primer underneath this BB Cream to avoid your shine from emerging. I don't think the product is oily (because according to the product it contains 0% oil), but it didn't minimize or banish my natural shine from emerging from underneath my foundation.

The L'Oreal BB cream doesn't offer great coverage at all in my opinion to be worn alone. Even though it contains pigmented mirco beads to match my skin tone. My face looks really 'ashy' and pale. It goes on white and does change in color, but it's minimal. I wear this under my foundation as well. I will say that this BB Cream does work best as a primer and does keep my shine at bay. I don't have to worry about my face becoming super oily with this product. After dusting on my translucent powder once I don't have to keep reapplying. It's no where near as great as my

Smashbox face primer

, but it does work well under my foundation. It does create a smoother finish for my foundation, but not as hydrating to my  face as the Maybelline BB Cream (that may be why my shine emerges more with Maybelline vs. L'Oreal). 

I did like both products for what they were, but in my opinion the L'Oreal BB Cream works best for me. I can skip using a primer with this particular BB Cream. I don't have to weigh my face down with products which will later cause an issue for my skin. Is it mandatory to wear a BB cream? In my opinion not necessarily  If you wanted to opt for a smoother finish to your face with light coverage then yes try a BB cream. However, wearing a foundation primer works just as good if not better. 

Have you tried a BB Cream? Which one was your favorite??

Thanks for reading!! Tell a Friend!! Peace and Blessings!! ♥