HPOW: Optimum Care 6-N-1 Miracle Hair Oil

Optimum Hair oil

Hello Blog Lovers!! I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving holiday!! I know I did, I'm still recovering from the Turkey and Dressing. This weeks Hair Product of the Week is the Optimum 6-N-1 Miracle Hair Oil. I discovered this product when I first purchased theDeep Conditioning Hair Masque which is a new product that is featured with their Salon Collection product line . It wasn't until I saw the commercial for this product on Youtube (yeah I'm influenced by catchy cute commercials,but who isn't?) that I decided to purchase this hair oil the next time I went shopping.

I know when you think of hair oil, the first thing you think of is heavy, weighted down, lifeless hair. This hair usually looks extremely oily and can be annoying especially if you want to light flowing hair. I was scared to use this product because I didn't want oily hair. My scalp produces enough on it's own. I tried the moisturizing and sealing technique before and after a week of oily hair of course I stopped. I made up my mind to never attempt to put oil on my hair point blank period.

This hair oil can be used for six different things and contains six different natural oils. It's light weight and doesn't weigh your hair down and won't make you feel as if you need to shampoo every three days. This 6-n-1 miracle hair oil contains

Argan Oil


Coconut Oil

, Sunflower Oil, Apricot Oil, Jojoba Oil, and Avocado Oil. It can be applied to the hair, scalp, and skin. This product can be used as a hot oil treatment  daily leave-in conditioner, moisturizing scalp oil, braid, loc, and extension conditioner, all day frizz controller, and dry skin hydrator.


Here are a few ways that you can use this product via the Optimum Product Website


•   In a small container pour ¼ cup of Optimum Salon Hair Care 6-in-1 Miracle Oil.

•  Sit container in hot water for a few minutes to heat up oil.

•  Part hair into 4 sections and apply oil to scalp and massage into hair and scalp.

•  For brittle ends, apply more of the Optimum Salon Hair Care 6-in-1 Miracle Oil to ends of hair and massage into hair well.

•  Let oil remain on hair for 10-15 minutes and then shampoo out with a good moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.

• Style as usual.


• Style as usual, then...

• Place pea size amount of Optimum Salon Hair Care 6-in-1 Miracle Oil in hands and rub together to distribute evenly.

• On natural hair or curly styles, scrunch oil into curls to add definition to curls and leave them conditioned.

• On straight hair, use hands like a flat iron and smooth oil into hair for smooth, soft, touchable hair.


• Part hair into 4 sections.

• Apply small amount of Optimum Salon Hair Care 6-in-1 Miracle Oil with fingertip or cue tip to scalp.

•  Sub-divide each section into inch-wide sections and apply oil to scalp.

•  Continue working through each section until complete.

Massage into scalp.

• Style as usual.


How I Use This Product

I use this product in my deep conditioner. I simply add to it and mix this in with my hair conditioner, then I rinse it out. My hair isn't greasy or weighed down. It almost looks as if their wasn't a drop of oil added to my hair. I also apply this to my hair every other day when I'm wearing my hair in curls. When I apply to my hair I use a small amount and rub it through my hair from root to tip. It adds just enough shine and pizazz to my hair. I believe the reason why I love this oil is because it's not heavy. We have all found a product or used a product that advertised that it was lightweight and it ended up being everything but lightweight.  Give it a try. It retails for about $9 and I purchased it at my local dollar store. You can find it at any Drug Store or large retailer such as Target or Wal-mart.

Check out the commercial for this product featuring Tracee Ellis Ross

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