HTOW: Shampoo Scalp Massager

This weeks Hair Tool of the Week is the Shampoo Scalp Massager. I absolutely love this hair tool! It's not a styling tool of course but its a tool used in the shower or at the salon shampoo bowl to help stimulate the scalp. When you stimulate the scalp you allow the blood to flow to the top of your scalp which helps to stimulate hair growth. I know some people may be thinking how do you use this without breaking my hair off.  Basically what I do (and I will describe this again in the stats below) I lather my hair with shampoo and I use the brush (massager) and in a brushing motion I run it through my hair from the hair line (edges) to the crown of my head. I then do the same thing using the same exact motion in the sides and back of my head. This helps to keep your nails out of your head and off of your scalp. It doesn't pull the hair or irritate the scalp. It has ball tipped ends so it doesn't hurt to use it either. Check out the stats on this product below:

The Babyliss Scalp Massage Brush gently massages hair and scalp. Stimulates the hair follicle for healthier hair.

•Thick bristles gently massage and stimulate the scalp for healthy, shiny hair

•Non-slip handle is contoured to fit in the palm of the hand for extra comfort and control

•Distributes styling products evenly throughout hair

The Babyliss Scalp Massaging Brush has a unique contoured shape which conforms to the palm of your hand, allowing your hand to naturally cup the brush. The thick bristles massage the scalp while stimulating the hair follicle for healthy, shiny hair. The shape and style of the brush along with the bristles help to evenly distribute styling products.
This particular scalp massager is only $1.99 at Sally's Beauty Supply Store. You can find other scalp massagers like the one below at your other local BSS:

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