How to Combat Dry Skin During the Winter with Actually Organic Argan Oil

Hey Beauties and Beaus, 

According to our furry friend Phil, there are six more weeks of winter amongst us. I'm not altogether sure how accurate he may be because my weather app predicts 73-degree weather after a cold rain storm tomorrow. Either way, the air has been cold, therefore drying and we know how that can be on one's skin. I have personally experienced the aftermath of the weather change and how it can cause your skin to dry out and look and feel like the Sahara desert. It's a bit annoying. 

Amazingly my new friends from Actually Organic sent me a bottle of 100% all natural Argan Oil that can be used on my skin, hair, and nails. I decided to use it on the skin as a moisturizer and it has changed the outlook and feel of my skin drastically. I squirt a few pumps into my hand and apply it to my face after I cleanse and tone. I've also applied the oil to my legs after a fresh shower and shave. It instantly improved the feel and texture of my skin and gave me a natural glow. My skin instantly felt soft and smoothe to the touch.

What I loved the most about this oil, it's not heavy. When I think of Oil I immediately think of something heavy that will weigh me down or make my skin feel too greasy. I could tell this was unlike any other type of oil I was familiar with because I could apply it to my skin and go to bed and wake up with my sheets not being oily.

Here are some quick facts about the Naturally Organic Argan Oil You MUST BUY!

There's no rancid smell, no other oils mixed in, no fragrances to cover up poor quality. You don't have to worry about this being a synthetic Argan Oil. It contains no preservatives and no Chemicals. The oil has not been heated, but cold-pressed. It's simply pure Argan Oil.

 After using this oil you can expect younger, firmer looking skin - This oil contains a natural source of essential fatty acids and vitamins A and E, this particular argan oil has anti-aging properties and can be applied as a daily moisturizer for healthier looking skin.

 Lastly, it can be used as body, hair & face treatment.  It restores elasticity, softens wrinkles and fine lines, heals dry scalp, and restores nutrient content to skin cells treating an array of skin conditions. Argan oil can nourish and moisturize, eliminating scaly, flaky skin, and has been found to help with skin conditions.

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