1 Simple Way to Simplify Your Morning Routine

Hey Beauties and Beaus, 

This post will be simple, sweet, and straight to the point. If you're anything like me in the morning, you're probably scrambling to get things together to be on time. Okay, so maybe not, maybe you're one of those individuals who are on time to everything. Unfortunately, I'm not like that. I've learned to be on time and I'm still growing to that place. Considering all things, I figured out a way to help me get cute and out the door on time. 

The one simple rule to simplify your morning beauty routine is simple...Organize the night before. That's it! easy right?! Get everything ready the night before so when you wake up, you don't have to be in a hurry to finish all of the essential meticulous steps needed to start your day. Most days I tend to wear the same makeup look. The only thing that may change is the lipstick color, what pair of eyelashes I may wear, or what foundation I decide I want to use. Hopefully, I'm not indecisive when I wake up because this usually goes over rather smoothly. I tend to determine what I'm wearing the night before and contemplate my makeup look. I make sure to lay out all of the tools and/or products necessary to help me get ready on time. There is nothing worse than trying to find brushes and products when you're in a hurry. It seems as if everything is missing. 

Make your routine simple and your time valuable by simply organizing the night before.