How You Can Tell That Your Hair is Damaged

Not satisfied with the condition of your hair? Check our list of obvious signs that your hair is damaged and needs help.

Sometimes you look in the mirror and get shivers from the total mess on your head – bad day or serious damage? Here is how you can tell that your hair is damaged:

1. Extreme dryness


Dehydration is the first sign of serious damage. If your hair looks extremely dry, then it’s time to start freaking out.

2. Horrible ends


When was the last time you saw your hairdresser for a trim? If you don’t remember, then no wonder that you have split ends.

3. Visible breakage


If you can actually see that big part of your hairs is shorter than an overall length, then you have breakage. Don’t ignore this sign!

4. Unmanageable knots


If the process of removing tangles takes too much time and patience, then everything is bad. Unmanageable knots are the way your hair signals about damage.

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-Victoria Howell, Contributor