Baby Steps (Scratch Off Calendar): The Cutest Gift for Expecting Mothers

Hey Beauties and Beaus, 

I'm sure you're probably wondering, hold up? Is she expecting? The answer is NO! I'm not expecting a child. However, I did discover the most adorable gift for Moms-to-be, more specifically first-time moms. My new friends at Splash Co has developed the cutest calendar to help guide expecting mothers through the pregnancy experience. It has the cutest little designs that are a perfect for any nursery because it's not gender specific. You can be assured this calendar will fit perfectly into any nursery theme.

The calendar starts at 5 weeks offering you tips, information, and trivia about the arrival of your bundle of joy. Starting at 9 weeks you can start to scratch off the days of the calendar, each day revealing new information. It reminds of a game, so this is actually a fun way to learn information that you otherwise would not know about pregnancy and childbirth. I don't have children of my own as of yet, so I found the calendar to be very intriguing and something I would definitely want to have on hand when I am expecting my first child. Just reviewing a few facts printed on the calendar, I knew instantly that it would benefit me. I love to gain knowledge when experiencing new things, and I KNOW I'm going to need all the help in the world when I'm finally expecting my first little munchkin. 

Here's an idea of what you can expect from the information offered on the calendar. 

"Worldwide, twins are delivered on average every 40th birth"
"Daddy Makes the First Decision: The baby's gender is determined by the father's sperm cell"


As I've already mentioned, this would be a great for women expecting their first child. It's a great way for you and your spouse (significant other) to bond daily over the joy of the first time experience. Each day allows you to spark a conversation and dig deeper into your pregnancy. If you are expecting your first child, Congratulations! I wish you a safe and happy pregnancy! Check out the video below for more detailed information about the cutest calendar ever.